How I managed to Lose Weight Fast with Chia Seeds


It was a shock! I had a function to attend in a week’s time and when I tried my best dress on, it was tight, uncomfortable and looked awful. I couldn’t afford a new outfit, and I didn’t want to buy something in yet a bigger size – you know how depressing that can be. Like many women, I put weight on easily and have always struggled to lose it.

I had recently started using chia seeds and loved the increased energy I had when using them. I had heard they could help you lose weight, but didn’t have a clue how this would work.

I looked on the internet for “how to lose weight with chia seeds”, and I found a lot of different information. It was confusing. There seemed to be no clear guide to how much chia seed you need per day to lose weight or how you should take it.

I had noticed that when I had a meal with a good proportion of chia seeds in it, that is, one to two tablespoons per serve, I did not feel hungry for some time. This set me thinking and I made a plan to have 3 chia meals a day – a chia pudding, a chia vegetable soup and a chia smoothie. I had no idea what I was doing, but I reasoned that if the ancient Amazon warriors could live on a pouch of chia seeds and water for several days when necessary, I could do something similar. The diet was a little boring but I stuck to it for a week and didn’t feel hungry or weak.

I was very excited when I weighed myself on the second day and found I had lost one and a half pounds.

Overall I lost 6 pounds that week! I managed to fit into my dress and look good.

This was the germ of the idea that eventually became The Chia Seed Weight Loss Diet.

I did a lot of things wrong with my initial effort to lose weight with chia seeds. For one thing, I had too few calories per day. I probably dipped below the recommended 1,300 minimum calories per day for weight loss. If you go below this level for long, you risk lowering your metabolic rate. For another thing, I have since found you lose weight effectively on just two chia meals per day.

I designed the chia seed weight loss diet, to be healthy, effective and versatile for busy people who want to lose weight. Its not an extreme weight loss diet, but one designed to give steady weight loss without feeling weak and hungry, and to make you glow with health and vitality. There are three weight loss methods in the book so people can choose what suits them.

If you are reading this and you want to lose weight, I invite you to try the chia seed weight loss diet.


Maggie Faye